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The American Burn Association estimates that approximately 1 million burn injuries occur every year in the U.S. Of these, 45,000 require hospitalization. Common causes of burns include construction accidents, motor vehicle collisions, propane tank bursts, and accidents involving chemicals or electrical components. Our Atlanta burn injury attorneys have expertise and an extensive track record in dealing with these cases.

Some Georgia burn victims who get severely hurt at work may be entitled to benefits, such as workers’ compensation, even if they caused or contributed to the accident that led to the disaster. Workers most at risk for burn injuries include industrial factory workers who work with hot metals, explosive aromatic compounds, and other toxic or highly flammable substances.

Sadly, children are at particularly high risk for getting burned. 500 children under 14 years old die each year in fires – this is the leading accidental cause of death for this age group.

The First, Second, and Third Degree Burn Classification System

First degree burns can result from fire, scalding, exposure to electrical or chemical stimulus, and even excessive sun exposure. These burns only injure the top layer of the skin. That said, they can be incredibly painful, can result in scarring, and can even evolve into second or third degree burns.

Second degree burns usually are accompanied by blisters. They can impede the skin’s ability to regulate the body’s temperature and hydration controls. Secondary burn victims are at a higher risk for infection, and surgery may be required to stop or reverse damage.

Third degree burns necessitate urgent medical attention. These burns usually involve the evisceration of all three skin layers, and they can also involve burns of underlying tissues, such as muscle, nerve, bone, and fat tissue.

Our Atlanta Burn Injury Attorneys Can Help

Burn victims often must undergo extensive surgeries, rehabilitation, and ongoing medical care. In addition, they may have to take a long time off of work to heal and may suffer ongoing and life altering consequences from the burn.

Our leading Atlanta personal injury attorneys can help you collect compensation for all of these costs, by organizing and executing a compelling case to hold the person or party responsible for your accident liable. Get a free consultation from the highly reputable Martindale-Hubbell AV rated Atlanta burn injury attorneys at Broughton Law. Go to, or call 877-268-0808 to set up your free consultation with these experienced, resource rich Atlanta burn injury attorneys.