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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 5,000 motorcyclists, moped, and off-road bikers die in accidents on US roads every year. In 2006, for instance, 4,778 people died in motorcycle accidents, 45 people died in off-road two wheel bike accidents, 49 people died in moped accidents, and 41 died in mini bike accidents. Our Atlanta motorcycle accident attorneys specialize in cases like these.

Perhaps the most famous statistical review of motorcycle accidents was the appropriately named Hurt Study, conducted by the University of Southern California. Investigator Harry Hurt poured through data on 3,600 different motorcycle accident reports and came away with some striking and counterintuitive findings about how these accidents occur, who is generally responsible for them, and what might municipal agencies in places like Atlanta do to make roads safer.

75% of accidents in the Hurt Study involved bikes colliding with other vehicles, such as trucks, cars, and other bikes. Vehicle failure, roadway defects, animal involvement, deliberately hostile actions against motorcyclists, and inclement weather caused or contributed to many accidents but, surprisingly, did not play an enormous role.

Note, however, the Hurt conducted this study in the Los Angeles area, where the weather is typically dry year round. In the Atlanta, Georgia region, the weather is more dynamic, so weather events, such as flash floods and even the occasional frost, might play a more significant role in local crashes.

Most accidents in Hurt study occurred at relatively low speeds – between 20 and 30 miles per hour. Accidents that took place at over 80 miles per hour were extremely rare – approximately 1 in 1,000.

Causes of Atlanta Motorcycle Accidents

Each accident is different and unique. According to some traffic accidents theorists, multiple factors may be at play in the majority of accidents, even if one factor stands out as the most pertinent.

Common Causes/Contributors to Crashes Include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and/or prescription medications
  • Poor lighting/visibility/road signage
  • Defective auto parts or motorcycle parts (such as failing brakes and tire tread problems)
  • Failure of motorcycle operator to wear proper safety gear, such as a road ready helmet
  • Involvement of pedestrians or animals
  • “Acts of God” such as landslides, flash flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, et cetera
  • Vehicle operator fatigue, negligence, carelessness, or aggression

Who Can Be Sued and for What?

As our Atlanta motorcycle accident attorneys will acknowledge, a variety of parties can be held legally liable to pay for your medical care and surgeries as well as your lost work wages (both past and present), court costs, attorney’s fees and punitive damages.

The universe of defendants may be bigger than you might realize. For instance, say a negligent trucker whacked into your bike while he chatted on his cell phone. Clearly, the trucker himself should be called to task. But the company that hired the trucker, that company’s insurance company, and potentially even the manufacturer, designer, engineer, or mechanic who worked on the truck could also be named, if any of these parties contributed, even slightly, to the conditions that set off the accident that hurt you.

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