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As top Atlanta personal injury attorneys will tell you, a personal injury is a legal term for any injury to an individual caused by another person’s carelessness or deliberate actions. In ordinary speech, we usually think of injuries as physical, but a personal injury doesn’t have to be physical; it could be emotional, financial or an intangible like lost quality of life. In fact, our expert Atlanta personal injury attorneys will inform you how many suits claim more than one type of injury. For example, in an auto accident lawsuit, the plaintiff may claim damages for a physical injury from the accident, financial injuries from paying for car repairs, pain and suffering, and lost quality of life because of the wrongful death of a loved one in the accident. Under Georgia law, you may sue for personal injuries caused by:

  • Negligence — extreme carelessness from a person who should know better, which generally leads to an accident.
  • Intentional misconduct — actions that may or may not have been crimes, but which caused you an injury. A hit and run accident involving a parked car could be one example.
  • Strict liability — conduct the law says you may sue over regardless of whether you suffered actual harm. Strict liability most often applies to defective products.

Why Hire an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney?

Under Georgia law, people who have suffered a personal injury are entitled to sue the people who caused their injuries for financial compensation. This compensation can pay bills, provide income for people who can’t work because of their injuries, provide a future income for victims who may never return to work and ease their transition into a radically altered future. It may also call attention to illegal or unethical behavior by individuals and companies, bring public pressure on those people to stop, and avert similar accidents in the future. In some cases, a jury may decide to award punitive damages — payments to you that are meant to punish very careless or bad behavior by the defendant.

As top Atlanta personal injury attorneys, Broughton Law is proud to focus its practice on winning compensation for Georgia residents who have suffered a personal injury. Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys have won millions of dollars for victims of serious injuries caused by large corporations, insurance companies, irresponsible drivers and other careless parties. We are able to do that in part because our Atlanta, Georgia personal injury attorneys spent years at some of Georgia’s largest insurance defense law firms, gaining insider knowledge about how insurance companies make decisions. We can use that insider knowledge to help our clients prove the full extent of their injuries and get them the best possible financial verdicts and settlements.

If you’re considering retaining a top Atlanta personal injury attorney, you probably have questions about your case. That’s why Broughton Law offers free consultations to potential clients. Call us today at 877-268-0808 for a free evaluation of your case, or contact us online.