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Back Injuries From a Car Accident in Atlanta


Broughton YouTube Back & Neck Injuries from a Car Accident

Did you know there are three main parts of the back? Or that the spine has 33 stacked vertebrae? When someone is in a car accident, the back can be injured in many ways. Some people suffer from minor injuries that clear up in a few weeks, while others are left with lasting, permanent damage. 

No matter what type of back injuries from a car accident a person receives, they are entitled to compensation and justice if the accident wasn’t their fault. No one should have to suffer due to someone else’s negligence and carelessness. Broughton Accident & Injury Lawyers wants to talk to you if you were in a car accident and have a back injury. Contact our office at 404-842-7700 to request a free consultation. 

back injury from car wreck Atlanta, GA

What Are the Types of Back Injuries From a Car Accident? 

There are numerous ways to injure your back in a car accident. Each accident is different and has its own set of circumstances that result in injuries. This makes it hard to narrow down every type of injury. However, these are the most common back injuries we see from car accidents: 


A person has a fractured spine if one of the 33 vertebrae breaks or cracks. These injuries are called several different things, including: 

  • Compression fractures (when too much pressure causes a break)
  • Burst fractures (when multiple vertebrae break and may generate scattered bone fragments)
  • Flexion fractures (when breaks happen in the middle or posterior columns)
  • Fracture-dislocations (when a fracture and dislocation occur at the same time) 

Spine fractures are painful and range in severity. Some people only have minor issues and pain, while others have permanent damage. Some symptoms of back fractures include pain, loss of mobility, numbness, tingling, or various other issues. 

Herniated Disc 

When the impact of a car or truck hits the car a victim is in, the discs in their spine can become herniated. This is when the discs shift or become compressed. This type of injury is also called a ruptured, slipped, or bulging disc. The protruding discs rub against the nerves in the spine, causing numbness, pain, and all-over weakness. 

Sprains and Strains 

Some accidents cause soft tissue damage, also known as strains and sprains. This is often when the tendons in a person’s back are stretched too far, or the ligaments are damaged. These types of injuries are painful and can have long healing timelines. The pain associated with these back injuries is often difficult to eliminate. It’s also harder to identify because traditional medical imaging doesn’t pick up these types of damages. 

Degenerative Spinal Disorders

A traumatic back injury can have long-term effects on a person. Some people may have minor issues after the accident but develop long-term disorders over time. Some of the most common degenerative spinal conditions we see from car accidents include the following: 

  • Bulging or herniated discs 
  • Foraminal stenosis 
  • Pinched nerves
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bone spurs
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal stenosis 
  • Spondylolisthesis 

Of course, each accident is different and back injuries vary. It’s essential you seek medical attention as soon as possible if you were in a car accident so they can check you for these types of injuries. 

Most Common Symptoms of Low Back Injuries from a Car Accident: 

Back injury symptoms are all over the place. Some people have minimal symptoms but large damage. Others may have immense pain from a sprain or strain. Each person is unique, so it varies. However, these are the most common symptoms of back injuries resulting from a car accident: 


Pain is the most common symptom our clients complain of. Back injuries can cause pain to radiate throughout the body, down the legs, and across the back. Some complain of neck or shoulder pain due to a back injury. Living with daily pain isn’t a way to live. 


Another common symptom is stiffness. This is due to some of the complications of injuries that cause muscles to tighten or discs to bulge. It makes mobility difficult, leading to stiffness. The more stiffness a person deals with, the harder it is to heal because they have trouble with the treatment plans. 


Many people have numbness due to the compression of nerves. Several different back injuries can compress nerves so that numbness can be due to several reasons. The numbness may be in the back, hips, or legs. 

Muscle Spasms 

Muscle spasms are an intense side effect of back injuries. These are often very painful because they happen to the injured area. Spasms are usually random and unpredictable. 

What Should You Do After a Car Accident With a Back Injury? 

The very first thing you should do is call the police to report the accident. A police report is essential if the accident becomes a personal injury claim. After that, you should do the following: 

Seek Medical Treatment 

Seeking medical treatment as soon as possible is vital. This is especially true for back injuries because many of them become emergent without treatment. Seeking medical care when the accident happens will help determine how much damage is done. 

Once you have seen a doctor and received a treatment plan, it’s vital you follow the plan exactly. If your claim does become a personal injury claim, you want to have as much evidence and support to back it up. Following your treatment plan is an important aspect of that. 

Document Everything 

The days following a car accident may be overwhelming and frustrating. Many people receive calls from insurance companies, and the medical bills start to pile up. During this time, it’s essential you document everything. This includes new symptoms or bruises, contact from outside parties, and any bills or documents you receive. 

If a car accident claim progresses to a lawsuit, these pieces of information will help to build a strong case. The more information and documentation a client has, the easier it is for the attorney to create a case that holds up in court. 

Consider Speaking to a Personal Injury Attorney 

We encourage you to consider speaking to a personal injury attorney after suffering a back injury in a car accident. Personal injury attorneys understand the ins and outs of the laws. They also know how to build strong client cases and fight for the compensation they deserve. 

Broughton Accident & Injury Lawyers wants to help you with your car accident claim. We have years of experience assisting clients with back injuries to get the compensation and justice they deserve. Please call our office at 404-842-7700 to request your free initial consultation to discuss your legal options. 

Why Should You Work With Broughton Accident & Injury Lawyers for Neck and Back Injuries From a Car Accident? 

Victims in a car accident can sustain minor to life-threatening injuries. Sometimes, the injuries are permanent or life-long struggles they will deal with forever. Neck and back injuries are common life-long injuries, so it helps to have a personal injury lawyer by your side when fighting for your rights. 

An experienced attorney helps clients get compensation for current and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Broughton Accident & Injury Lawyers in Atlanta and Duluth, GA, wants to help you get the compensation you deserve. Read more about the benefits of working with us below: 

Professionalism and Legal Expertise 

Broughton Accident & Injury Lawyers brings professionalism and legal expertise to every case. We are dedicated to providing world-class legal services for our clients, standing by their sides from the beginning to offer support and advice. Since opening our doors, the team has utilized its 35 years of combined experience to help countless clients win millions in damages. 

Dedicated Legal Support and Representation 

We provide our clients with peace of mind and ease the burden of a personal injury claim. Back injury cases can quickly become complicated, so we handle it all for our clients. This includes the following: 

  • Case preparation and management
  • Accident investigation
  • Record gathering
  • Negotiations
  • Trial representation 
  • Trial preparation
  • Advice on how to dress, engage the other party, and answer questions 

Our clients know they are in good hands when they hire Broughton Accident & Injury Lawyers. We know the ins and outs of personal injury laws. We use this knowledge to build strong cases that help our clients get the compensation and justice they deserve. 

Client-First Approach 

At Broughton Accident & Injury Lawyers, our clients come first, always. We make the legal process as easy as possible for clients. This is through prompt responses, clear communication, and providing legal guidance so clients make informed decisions. 

Award-Winning Firm

Broughton Accident & Injury Lawyers was named one of the Top 100 Super Lawyers in Georgia. This was due to the firm’s ability to win many legal cases and get large client settlements. Many of our clients also leave positive reviews on Google and Avvo. 

Schedule a Free Consultation With Broughton Accident & Injury Lawyers Today 

Back injuries from a car accident can leave a life-long impact on victims. If you were injured in a car accident, you do not have to fight for your compensation and justice alone! Broughton Accident & Injury Lawyers wants to help you. Contact our office for a free initial consultation to learn more about your legal options.

Disclaimer: Please note that all information on this website is for educational purposes only, and is only as up-to-date as the article's published date. This information should not be considered legal advice for your specific situation, as each legal matter has varying circumstances. Legal advice can only be given during a consultation.

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