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Do You Need an Atlanta Spine Injury Attorney After a Car Accident?


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Call an Atlanta Spine Injury Attorney After a Car Accident

Were you recently in a car accident? Do you need an Atlanta spine injury attorney to help with your claim? If the accident was due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness, there is a possibility you might have a case.

38% of spinal injuries are due to vehicular accidents. Many people do not understand the benefits of hiring a spinal cord injury lawyer to fight for their rights. Not only do attorneys fight for their client’s rights, but they also guide them through the process and give them peace of mind.

If you were in an accident, you deserve compensation and justice for your injuries. Broughton Accident & Injury Lawyers wants to help you get what you deserve! Contact Broughton Accident & Injury Lawyers today to discuss your legal options. Or keep reading to learn more:

How Does a Car Accident Damage the Spine?

Vehicles weigh thousands of pounds. When moving at high speed, a car crash jerks the passengers around. The human body also absorbs the shock and energy of the crash, resulting in many different types of injuries, including spinal ones.

What Are Common Symptoms of a Spinal Injury?

Spinal injuries aren’t always as obvious as one would think. The symptoms vary but may include the following:

  • Neck pain
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Tingling or numbness in the legs or arms
  • Radiating pain in the buttocks and thighs
  • Stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Limited range of motion
  • Muscle spasms

If you lose the ability to walk, have intense pressure in your neck or back, or lose sensation in your limbs, you must go to the emergency room immediately.

Types of Spinal Injuries After a Car Accident:

Car accidents cause various spinal injuries, from mild to severe to life-threatening. The above symptoms may be present or you may experience others. On rare occasions, people have minimal symptoms but still have an injury. It’s important to be checked by a medical professional after a car accident to determine if there are any injuries.

Some injuries happen more often than others. The team at Broughton Accident & Injury Lawyers has seen it all, but the most common types of spinal injuries are listed below:

Herniated Discs

Herniated discs happen when the discs between the vertebrae push outside their position. This often causes pressure on the nerves, which leads to pain and discomfort. Herniated discs often require rest and minimal treatment, but it can take about six months to resolve.

Many people cannot take off work, or the needed rest period for a herniated disc, leading to a longer treatment period. Hiring a brain and spine injury attorney may be a good idea. They fight for their clients and often get compensation awarded for lost wages, allowing them the time needed to heal.


When a person’s cervical spine overextends, whiplash occurs. The impact of a car accident often causes the neck, spine, and head to jerk around rapidly. This type of injury is soft tissue damage, but it affects the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the neck.

Depending on the severity of the whiplash, the recovery period is anywhere from a few days to a few months. Sometimes, it can result in inflammation or chronic pain in the area. An Atlanta spine injury attorney fights for their clients who have whiplash to receive the medical treatment and compensation they deserve.


A partial or complete break of one vertebra in the spine results in a fracture. The force of a car accident can completely crush the small bones or create hairline fractures. Both require time and possibly surgery to resolve.

Bone fragments can result in further injuries, such as pressure or damage to the nervous system. If you were injured in a car accident and had a spinal fracture, you might consider speaking to a personal injury attorney to learn about your legal rights.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Any injury or damage to the spinal cord directly may cause serious issues. The spinal cord is vital for the body to communicate with the brain. Damage to the spinal cord disrupts this communication and can result in long-term life changes.

An injury that causes permanent damage deserves the appropriate compensation. Attorneys help their clients to fight for current and future lost wages in these situations.

Benefits of Hiring a Spine Injury Attorney:

You’re probably wondering what the benefits of hiring an Atlanta spine injury attorney are. Not only will an attorney help clients with legal advice, but also give their clients peace of mind. Read more about the benefits below:

Legal Expertise and Representation

When hiring a spine injury lawyer, clients gain legal expertise and representation. This means they will represent clients in court or with other parties, negotiate with insurance companies, and guide them throughout the process. Legal advice is an invaluable benefit for clients. Personal injury lawyers know the law and have won cases for many clients, giving them an advantage that a client may not have when trying to gain compensation by themselves.

Accident Investigation

Personal injury attorneys investigate accidents for clients. They do this to determine the true liability and get the most compensation for the case. They already know the process and can streamline it for clients, relieving stress and saving time.

Effective Claim Management

An inaccurate or incomplete claim may result in less or no compensation for the victim. An attorney does this on behalf of clients, ensuring they have complete claims to present to insurance companies.

Peace of Mind

Possibly the best benefit clients get from hiring an attorney is the peace of mind they gain. An attorney handles all legal aspects of the situation, giving them fewer worries about missteps or problems with the case. This allows clients to focus on healing and not on the legal intricacies.

Atlanta Spine Injury Attorney FAQs:

Many potential and existing clients have similar questions about spine injuries and how attorneys can help. We’ve created the following FAQ answering them below:

Do I Really Need a Back Injury Lawyer?

You may or may not need a back injury attorney. Many factors impact a case, and each situation is unique. To find out your legal options and learn more about your legal rights, you should speak to a personal injury attorney. Broughton Accident & Injury Lawyers offers free consultations for potential clients to discuss their situation with an attorney.

How Much Is My Case Worth?

Without knowing the facts of the case, it is impossible to know how much a case is worth. Any attorney who promises a set amount of compensation is unethical and should be avoided. To get a better understanding of your options, we recommend you discuss the situation directly with an attorney.

How Long Does It Take to Complete My Case?

Each case is unique and varies. Factors that impact the length of a case include the complexity of your case, how long you need medical treatment and the insurance companies. A personal injury attorney can help you understand the potential length of a case during a consultation.

How Long Do I Have to File My Case?

In Georgia, victims have two years to file a claim against the liable party for a personal injury. Time is of the essence, so you must do so sooner rather than later.

What Kind of Damages Do You Go After?

Attorneys fight for many types of damages, depending on the case details. Common damages we have won for clients include:

  • Lost wages
  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Personal property damage
  • Potential future wages lost
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Emotional distress

To learn more about your legal options and rights, contact Broughton Accident & Injury Lawyers in Atlanta & Duluth today to request a free consultation.

Why Broughton Accident & Injury Lawyers as Spine Injury Lawyer in Atlanta, GA?

Broughton Accident & Injury Lawyers has 20+ years of experience in personal injury cases in Georgia. Our lawyers have won millions of dollars in compensation each year for our clients. The team at Broughton Accident & Injury Lawyers has experience in the following types of cases:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • DUIs
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Brain injuries
  • Spine injuries
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Swimming accidents

Our office is top-rated, with numerous five-star reviews on Avvo and Google. We were named among the Top 100 Super Lawyers in Georgia for our outstanding client service, million-dollar verdicts, and high-quality legal services.

The spine injury attorneys at Broughton Accident & Injury Lawyers want to help you with your accident. Our team is equipped to help clients in English and Korean. We have two offices in Georgia to serve our clients to the best of our ability.

Schedule a Free Consultation With an Atlanta Spine Injury Lawyer Today!

Now you understand the benefits of hiring an Atlanta spine injury lawyer. If you were in an accident and are struggling, there is no need to do so. A spine injury attorney may be able to help you with your accident claim.

The team at Broughton Accident & Injury Lawyers wants to help you with your case. Our experienced lawyers have 35+ years of combined experience in personal injury cases. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal options and rights.

Disclaimer: Please note that all information on this website is for educational purposes only, and is only as up-to-date as the article's published date. This information should not be considered legal advice for your specific situation, as each legal matter has varying circumstances. Legal advice can only be given during a consultation.

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