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The Atlanta metro area offers something of a paradise for bicyclists and pedestrians. But the intermingling of bicycles and larger vehicles, such as trucks, motorcycles, and cars, can create dangerous conditions – even for bicyclists who observe all safety laws and wear proper gear (e.g. reflective clothing at night, certified helmets, etc). Our Atlanta bicycle accident attorneys are experts at handling cases involving bike injuries in Atlanta and across the state.

Important, Counterintuitive Ideas about Atlanta Bicycle Accidents

Contribution of driver “blindness”

In the 1950s, neuroscientists identified a region in the brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS), which apparently controls our ability to focus on types of information. When you think of the color “blue,” the RAS makes you notice all the objects around your room or office that are blue. This feature of our brains can be useful, but it can also “blind” us to hazards. Car drivers, for instance, are often finely attuned to the behaviors and maneuvers of other cars. But because they focus on cars, they may literally blind themselves to other vehicles, like bicycles. Not only do bicycles obviously look very different from cars, but they also maneuver differently.

Bicycle accidents often involve children and young adults

Bicycle accident statistics are universally dismaying. Study after study shows that younger riders are at much elevated risk for getting into crashes – and when they do get into accidents, these accidents tend to be quite severe. Even bicyclists who operate safely – people who wear helmets, follow proper safety protocol, don’t take risks, etc – can get hurt easier, simply because of the size difference between bicycles and other larger vehicles on the road.

A surprisingly myriad of array of hazards

Here is a partial and incomplete list of possible causes of Atlanta bicycle accidents:

  • Material, such as stick or piece of garbage, getting caught in spokes or gears
  • Tire or other bicycle part failure
  • Bicyclist error or carelessness, or aggression on the road
  • Motorcyclist, car driver, or trucker negligence, carelessness, or other misbehavior
  • Problems with the road itself, such as potholes, poor signage, or poor lighting
  • Inclement weather, such as rainwater pools or black ice on roads
  • Interference from a pedestrian, other biker, or other source
  • Bicyclist exhaustion or fatigue

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