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When an elder care facility can provide the round-the-clock care and medical attention our loved ones need, it’s often the best decision. But each year, reports reach the news of facilities where staff members ignore or actively abuse the people they’re supposed to care for. When the standard of care at a facility is so low that you’re concerned about a loved one’s well-being, he or she may be a victim of elder abuse. The National Center on Elder Abuse has reported that one to two million adults over 65 has been abused or neglected in some way by a caregiver — but only one in six cases is reported. Our Atlanta nursing home abuse attorney are here to help.

Types of Atlanta Elder Care Abuse Lawsuits

The same organization reports that the most common type of elder abuse or neglect is physical. That doesn’t just mean hitting, although hitting is certainly considered a type of elder abuse. Physical abuse can also be neglect so severe that there are physical consequences: not giving the victim enough food and water, not turning a sick person to prevent bedsores or allowing an irrational older adult to wander the streets. Others include:

  • Deliberate over-medication, or negligent errors with medications.
  • Verbal and emotional abuse, including deliberate social isolation.
  • Sexual abuse.
  • Financial exploitation.

Abuse is horrifying no matter who the victim is. But it can be particularly devastating for older people because they may not be able to bounce back as well as they used to from physical injuries, financial setbacks or emotional betrayal. And for families, who sometimes agonize over whether to place a loved one in a facility in the first place, elder abuse can bring guilt as well as horror at the facility’s breach of their trust. Unfortunately, abuse in an assisted living facility can go unreported for months or years, especially when family visits are predictable or rare.

Consider Hiring Atlanta Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Elder abuse and neglect are illegal and should result in criminal prosecution as well as loss of licenses for every health care worker involved. But criminal charges don’t usually result in recovery of stolen money, compensation for increased medical needs or other types of financial compensation. And the criminal justice system doesn’t always work fast enough to protect older people from predators, who often target everyone in their “care.” If you believe a loved one was abused in an assisted living facility, you should contact Broughton Law to discuss a possible Atlanta elder care abuse lawsuit.

Broughton Law is a law firm in Georgia that helps seriously injured people and their families seek justice through the civil courts. Our experienced personal injury attorneys believe that being good lawyers means providing prompt and courteous information to our clients while insulating them from the ups and downs of major litigation. Our Atlanta nursing home abuse attorneys are recognized throughout the state of Georgia for our excellent personal injury representation and our strong record of positive results. That record includes millions of dollars won to help seriously injured clients pay their bills, provide for their futures and move on.

If you’re considering an Atlanta elder abuse lawsuit, contact Broughton Law as soon as possible for a free evaluation of your case by our Atlanta nursing home abuse attorneys.