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Most of us go out without worrying about safety conditions at the businesses we patronize, our public facilities or the homes we visit. But property owners and occupiers can make mistakes, and thousands of Americans discover each year that public places aren’t always as safe as we like to think. In Georgia, property owners and occupants are legally responsible for the conditions on their premises — their property. When there’s a hazard underfoot, inadequate security, an unmade repair or other situation that leads to serious injuries for visitors, those visitors may file a premises liability lawsuit in Georgia. Businesses, owners of private homes and government entities may all be liable for their unsafe premises; in cases with a lease or rental, both the owner and the occupant could be at fault. Our Atlanta premises liability attorneys can help with these cases.

Atlanta Premises Liability Attorneys See These Types of Claims:

The most common type of premises liability claim is a “slip and fall,” in which a visitor is injured after encountering a dangerously slippery substance or hazardous condition. But these aren’t the only problems that could lead to an Atlanta premises liability lawsuit. Others could include:

  • Failure to clean up soon enough after a dangerous spill.
  • Not fixing holes, cracks or bumps in the ground within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Failure to warn about an unsafe condition.
  • Not providing adequate lighting.
  • Inadequate drainage for rain, or not shoveling snow quickly enough.
  • No security or inadequate security in a high-risk business or neighborhood.
  • Allowing unrepaired or unsafe equipment to be used.
  • Serious dog attacks.

Slipping and falling may sound like a minor accident, but it can be quite serious, particularly in people with preexisting injuries and the elderly. Slips and trips can cause broken bones, spinal and head injuries and soft tissue damage. In cases with serious injuries, the costs of medical care, missed work days and other accident-related expenses can add up fast. And of course, victims of a violent crime or a dog attack may be left with very serious physical, emotional and financial problems. Atlanta premises liability attorneys can assist with victims to win money to pay medical bills, provide for their families while they cannot work and compensate them for any lifelong injury or pain.

Insurance Experts Win Georgia Premises Liability Lawsuits

If you were seriously injured in an accident on someone else’s property, you should call Broughton Law as soon as possible. Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys have an edge in premises liability case that few other firms can offer: They spent years practicing law at some of Georgia’s biggest and most prestigious insurance defense law firms. The experience gives us intimate knowledge of how insurance companies make decisions during litigation — knowledge we will use to get you the best possible compensation. We’ve won millions of dollars for our clients, including a $759,000 settlement for a client injured in a house fire.

If you’re considering a premises liability lawsuit, contact Broughton Law, today for a free and confidential consultation with Atlanta premises liability attorneys about your case.