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Large trucks — also called semis, Mack trucks, 18-wheelers or tractor-trailers — alarm many drivers of smaller cars, and for good reason. Because large trucks are so much heavier and longer than a passenger car or truck, they can bring many times the force of a smaller vehicle to bear on the other vehicles in an accident. That means that in a crash between a large truck and a family vehicle, the smaller car or truck will almost always be crushed by the sheer force of the truck’s weight and speed. For the occupants of the smaller car, the result is likely to be death or permanent disability from a serious head, spine or internal injury. Our Atlanta truck accident lawyers are here to help.

Statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation show that 83% of people who died in truck accidents in 2006 were occupants of another vehicle or non-drivers. Only 6% of deaths and 10% of injuries in multi-vehicle truck accident were sustained by the truck drivers themselves.

Under-Regulated and Over-Tired

Compounding this problem is the reality that drivers and trucking companies don’t always respect safety laws. Because large trucks can be so dangerous, federal and Georgia state laws set special licensing rules for their drivers and strictly regulate how often they may drive. Unfortunately, these regulations are often ignored by companies and drivers more interested in making a profit than public safety. Some may falsify their logs and keep driving without getting enough sleep; some may even turn to illegal stimulants to stay awake. And a few drivers never earned valid trucking licenses to begin with, meaning they pose a danger to themselves and everyone they share the roads with. When these poorly trained, under-regulated and criminally careless drivers and their companies make mistakes, the results can devastate a family physically, emotionally and financially. Our expert Atlanta truck accident lawyers can give you a free consultation if you have been involved in such an accident.

Our Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyers Help You Protect Your Access to the Courts

Highway crashes are a catastrophe for most drivers, but for trucking companies, they’re just a part of doing business. After a truck accident, trucking companies or their insurers may send a representative to speak to victims right away. These people’s jobs are to minimize their legal and financial responsibility for the accident; they may offer a small cash settlement to victims who agree to sign away their legal rights. Our Georgia traffic accident attorneys strongly advise our clients to politely decline these offers, which may prevent them from pursuing justice in court later and recovering full compensation for their injuries. Instead, victims should contact an experienced Atlanta truck accident lawyer from Broughton Law to protect their legal rights.

We Know Insurance Companies

At Broughton Law, we understand how to get our clients the best possible outcome in a serious truck accident case. Our Georgia truck accident lawyers were trained at the largest insurance defense law firm in the state, which means we have an intimate knowledge of how insurance companies think. We promise to use that knowledge to help our clients navigate the insurance system, short-cut through red tape and get the fullest compensation possible for your injuries. In your Georgia truck accident lawsuit, we can help you win compensation for past and future medical bills, lost past and future income, repairs, funeral costs or other financial losses caused by the accident; for victims’ physical and emotional pain and suffering; for the incalculable loss to a family facing life without a loved one; or for a permanent disability that will radically change the victim’s future.

If you or someone you care about was involved in a serious truck accident in Atlanta caused by a careless driver, you have the right to hold that driver and trucking company legally responsible. Call Broughton Law today for a free consultation with our Atlanta truck accident lawyers on how to protect that right and secure your medical and financial future.

Truck Accident Verdicts & Settlements:

$1,250,000.00 – Truck Negligence – Victim suffered a broken hip.

$354,000.00 – Tractor Trailer negligence.

$315,000.00 – Trucking Negligence (Confidential).

*These prior case results are not representative of the value of any other cases and no case results are guaranteed. Each case is different and the results differ based on the facts of the individual case.